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HugPhones Panda - Limited Edition (First 500)!

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HugPhones: World´s First Wearable Teddy Bear Headphones - Now in stock! 

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The cute and fun HugPhones Panda has over 15 built-in features, which includes Bluetooth connectivity, padded earmuffs, microphone, passive noise cancellation, and even has built-in NASA aircraft technology, for a perfect breathable fit on your shoulders. Additionally, there's an 85-decibel optional volume limiter to prevent hearing damage in small kids ears. Also, its color-changing LED logo and cute design will guarantee to make everyone smile. Finally, there's a zipper pocket for cables and a carabiner so you can hang it on your backpack, and much more..!

HugPhones is a patent pending high quality product and design, engineered exclusively from the best handpicked materials & hardware, after endless hours of testing and exploring. Engineered with NASA aircraft safety technology to design the perfect fit of the bear for sitting on your shoulders. It also comes with pure, clean and crisp high-quality sound from the headphones and includes a microphone to enhance the best user experience possible, which also makes this a perfect choice for gamers!

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