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Wearable Teddy Bear Headphones - Comfort & fun, for everyone!

Engineered with NASA safety technology to sit comfortably on your shoulders - HugPhones are super soft wearable teddy bears, with a unique patent pending combination of more than 15 built-in features, including: bluetooth headphones, passive noise cancellation, color-changing LED logo, memory foam neckrest, pillow and unlimited free hugs!!! 
HugPhones are fun and entertaining wearable gadgets, designed with NASA technology for the perfect fit when sitting on your shoulders. Hugging you with it´s thick earmuffs that keeps your ears protected from loud surrounding noises*, while playing a read aloud fairytale, or sound/music from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device.
*(Also has an optional 85dB volume limitation, to protect small kids ears - recommended max. volume from safety regulations and experts). 

HugPhones are now available on our Kickstarter campaign, and will soon be available in our online webshop and coming to stores, stadiums, airports, zoos, theme parks and many more places near you in the future.

If you are a Company and we have not reached you yet, please feel free to contact our sales department to be considered as a HugPhones Business Partner: 

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Where Can You Buy HugPhones When It Is Officially Launched?

HugPhones is a worldwide patent and trademark pending brand, and our aim is for HugPhones to become available for everyone.
We are currently working on carefully selecting the most reliable stores with the best customer services, to become our partners. 
If we have not reached your Company yet, please feel free to contact our sales department to be considered as a HugPhones Business Partner. 

You can buy HugPhones worldwide in our online shop, airport shops, train stations, toy stores, super markets, electronics stores, web shops and many more, in the future..
Unique Ideas - Outstanding Product Quality!

HugPhones® is patent pending and trademark registered!

Our protected ideas will make sure that our customers get a unique and original product. This is to guarantee that our customers will get the best quality and service!

Should you have any ideas for how we can improve our products, we are always interested in listening to new suggestions. 

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Our Main Focus at HugPhones.com?

We take pride in delivering top quality

Our products are constantly being evaluated and tested to guarantee that we can deliver the best products for our customers. We have a very experienced team, and customer happiness is our main goal!



Customer service is key!

Our customers are very important to us, and therefore a top quality customer service is key:

  • Our customer service employees are very experienced
  • We listen to our customers to find the best solutions
  • We aim to give a fast reply and help our customers the best way we can

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Online shopping should be easy! (Under construction)

Our goal is to give you an easy and nice shopping experience:

  • Fast and easy ordering, with multiple payment methods
  • If any questions, our support will be there to help
  • Shopping should be fun and easy!

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Optimization and new products

We strive to only deliver the best products, and constantly evolve!

  • We always work on new innovations
  • We constantly test new and old products, to optimize them
  • We have a world class R&D department 

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